The Origin of Stander Bags: The Story Behind the Name

Venice, 1966: Standa (Società Anonima Magazzini Standard) in Strada Nova, San Felice. Credits AFU - Photographic Archive of Town Planning of the Municipality of Venice

The story of our brand begins in Venice, where the inspiration for the name 'Stander' is linked to a Venetian diction, 'Borsa dea Stànder'. In Venetian dialect, 'Stànder' meant Standa, the first supermarket to sell simple plastic bags. But the term has an even deeper origin.

The Meaning of the Name

The Venetian diction derives from the first name of these department stores founded in 1931: Standard or Società Anonima Magazzini Standard.
In 1938, Standard changed its name to Standa due to an order of the fascist regime that prohibited barbarisms in names. The name change came about after Mussolini, during a parade in Rome, noticed the 'Standard' sign and ordered it to be removed. The company brilliantly resolved the issue by changing it to 'Standa', an acronym for Società Anonima Tutti Articoli Nazionali Dell'Arredamento e Abbigliamento.

Design with Venetian Roots

Alberto Freo, the artist-designer of our bags, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and later specialised in haute couture. His childhood was influenced by three strong, charismatic women in his family: his mother, grandmother and aunt. It was they who inspired him and introduced him to the term 'Standér'. Alberto, who has always been fascinated by the strength and mystery of the feminine world, draws inspiration from these figures to create bags that reflect their strength and charisma.

The Dual Meaning of Stander

The name 'Stander' has a dual meaning:
Venetian Tradition: The name recalls a local expression, a tribute to the Venetian tradition. Our bags are processed and packaged in Venetian craft workshops, carefully chosen to support local labour and promote ethical and responsible production.
Link with the Feminine World: The lexicon is deeply linked to the feminine influence in Alberto Freo's life. Our bags embody the mystery, strength and fascination of the feminine world, while offering a high quality product, made with care and passion.

The choice of the name 'Stander' is therefore not accidental, it is a tribute to our Venetian roots and to the feminine world that inspires We are proud to carry on this tradition with luxury handcrafted bags, made by hand and with deep passion.

Stefania Maso