Our story begins in Venice: the name of our brand comes precisely from a Venetian saying, "Borsa dea Stànder," where "Stànder" stood for Standa, the first supermarket in Venice to sell simple plastic bags. Alberto Freo, the artist-designer creator of our bags, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and later specialized in haute couture: since then, his visionaryand nonconformist spirit finds its best expression in the creation of handcrafted bags which, daughters of the handle design, are born around it and become precious objects of art.

Our goals

To express your personality, character, and ambitions through a bag which looks like you; to make you wear an accessory that is as unique, sought-after, and valuable as a work of art; and to make you feel above fashion without sporting flashy logos-these are our goals.


Riding fashion trends is not something we’re interested in, nor do we care about pleasing everyone: Stander's handcrafted luxury handbags are a magnet for those who can see and grasp the artistic genius, craftsmanship, and the vocation to last that all our collections bear witness to. It's not about the logo: luxury is the value of artistic creation.


As part of the P collection, Stander bags’ pride and instantly recognisable by its handles, our P7 is waiting to catch your eye, your heart and a place of honor in your walk-in wardrobe. Discover it in all its variations and let yourselves be seduced by the charm of our masterpiece.

Beyond Luxury - Our Commitment to Sustainability

Each step of our process meets the highest standards of ethical production, social responsibility and environmental impact. We are committed to reducing waste by using a significant amount of deadstock, high quality surplus leathers. The whole production process is sustainable, workforce is entirely local and every element of the bag is made by artisan workshops in the Venetian territory.