Beyond Luxury - Our Commitment to Sustainability

Each step of our process meets the highest standards of ethical production, social responsibility and environmental impact. We are committed to reducing waste by using a significant amount of deadstock, high quality surplus leathers. The whole production process is sustainable, workforce is entirely local and every element of the bag is made by artisan workshops in the Venetian territory.

Best Quality Materials and Waste Reduction

We are committed to using high quality materials which come from sustainable sources. A significant amount of the leather is sourced from the high-end Italian fashion industry and tanneries, ensuring the highest quality and significantly reducing the waste of valuable materials. This approach allows us to maintain premium quality without compromising on sustainability.

Furthermore, all the leather we use is sourced from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), a non-profit membership organisation which addresses the environmental impact of leather production by ensuring that all certified tanneries implement strict energy and waste water management programmes.

capi colorati piegati in scaffali

Ethical and Local production

Our commitment extends beyond the final product. We closely collaborate with local artisans in the Venetian region, carefully selected to share our values of supporting the local workforce and promoting ethical and responsible production.

produzione etica locale

Traceability and Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves on our transparent supply chain. Every element of our bags is traceable, guaranteeing the sustainable sourcing of materials and adherence to ethical standards.

Choose Stander Bags for timeless elegance, environmental awareness and a touch of artistic genius. Explore the collection and dive into the unique world of sustainable luxury bags.

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